Projects : Chiller Plants

Chesapeake Central Plant

Oklahoma City, OK

The Chesapeake Central Plant provides energy efficient chilled water to the buildings located on the east side of campus.  The chiller plant currently houses four chillers- totaling 6,000 Tons- with room to expand to six chillers.  Located on the northeast corner of the campus, the building was designed to withstand an EF-5 tornado.

Elliott + Associates

Determan-Sheirman, Inc.

Hastings Make-Up Air Unit
Loren Cook Exhaust Fans
Onicon BTU Meters
Onicon Flow Meters
Reymsa Cooling Towers
Ruskin Dampers
Ruskin Louvers
Titus Air Distribution Devices
York Refrigerant Recovery Systems
York YK Chiller with Medium Voltage VFD


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