R.B. Akins Company has been providing top quality equipment and services to the HVAC industry since 1972. Over the past 42 years we have been able to garner the top equipment lines available, and today we represent the foremost manufacturers of HVAC equipment. We pride ourselves on providing superior equipment and services to our customers and when problems arise, we try to be part of the solution.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of the products we sell in our market and to do so with honesty and integrity.

Our Philosophy

As the saying goes...there’s never enough money to do it right; but there’s always enough money to do it over. Our philosophy is to do what it takes to do it right the first time. The equipment we provide may be the best available; however if it is not applied right or ordered right then there will be an opportunity to do it over. We try to be proactive and to pay attention to the details of specifying, takeoff, quoting, ordering and shipment so that we and our customers can avoid the experience of doing it over. 


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