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R.B. Akins Company

R.B. Akins Company has been providing top quality equipment and services to the HVAC industry since 1972. Over the past 45 years we have been able to garner the top equipment lines available, and today we represent the foremost manufacturers of HVAC equipment. We pride ourselves on providing superior equipment and services to our customers and when problems arise, we try to be part of the solution.

Featured Product

Liebert DSE Featured ProductAddison Linear Capacity™ DOAS

The Addison Linear Capacity™ DOAS has it all!  This Patent Pending unit was invented by the company that invented the original fixed capacity DOAS unit in 1963.  It has third party documented >50% energy savings versus conventional DOAS.  The unit also features a unique variable geometry evaporator, branded Active Cell Exposure™, to maintain design leaving dew point throughout the entire variable operating range from 100% to 20%.  And lastly, the Linear Capacity™ has a fusion of the most sophisticated technologies for variable supply air volume, variable condenser air flow and variable refrigerant flow to meet the required ventilation demand.

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